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Media Blasting

Media blasting is a dry method using compressed air and an abrasive (media). The abrasive is mixed with compressed air in a hose and exits through a nozzle which develops a very high or low  pressure stream towards the work piece. The result is a very effective method of cleaning, deburring, deflashing, etching, honing, peening...etc.

Why Use Media Blasting?
Other removal methods such as manual wire brushing, hand sanding, chemical stripping, knife scraping and acid etching are very time consuming, labor intensive and do not produce the quality of media Blasting. Traditional sand blasting uses silica sand which is non-recyclable and hazardous to our environment.  It produces excessive dust and is a growing health concern. We uses only safe medias such as Aluminum Oxide, Baking Soda and Glass Beads.  These are recyclable, environmentally friendly and more effective than silica sand in most cases.  Media blasting can accomplish quality results quickly and easily with the sweep of a gun nozzle.  Scale, corrosion, old paint and other surface materials are removed in minutes leaving the metal surfaces free of foreign matter and contamination.

What Is Media Blasting Used For?


Precision parts such as small gears, stampings, forgings, molds for glass, plastic, rubber and metal casings, pistons, valves, cylinder heads, motor windings, and armatures, carbide tools, etc.


Heat treat scale, carbon deposits, slag and oxides, scale from bits and cutting tools, machine burrs, all paints, varnishes, coatings, etc.


Surfaces for powder coating, wet painting, plating, anodizing, welding, and bonding of coatings, etching of metals, plastics and glass.


To increase fatigue resistance of critical parts, to increase resistance of parts which operate in a corrosive environment, to stress relieve weld points.

Rusted tools, used files, saw blades, hardware parts, odd and ends around the yard, garage or barn.

Create satin, matt, or dull finishes, blending imperfections in metal, decorative quality finish for auto, photographic, jewelry industries, frosting glass or plastic, etc.

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