Stone House Forge


Stone House Forge

63 Thrasher Road, Claremont, NH 03743

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Q? Can you Media Blast my 1965 Mustang?

A: Yes we sure can and without damaging your sheet metal.

Q? Can you sandblast Paint off from Brick?

A: Yes, if the brick is hard and there is not more than 2 or 3 coats of paint on it.

Q? Can you Sandblast wood?

A: Yes in some cases, if it is hardwood and the coating is Flaking off.  Heavily Painted Pine window shutters are not a good idea.

Q? Can you Sandblast my old lawn furniture?

A: Yes and we can repaint it the color of your choice also.

Q? Do you do portable sandblasting?

A: Yes,  it would be less expensive if you bring your items to us.

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